Tension Free- Natural Stress Reliever

Advanced Homeopathy and Bach Flower therapy can be used to deal with Ill effects of Tension which is troublesome. Homeopathy is Natural and Effective system of Medicine which is used worldwide for healing disorders of Mind as well as Body. The Bach Flower remedies are Flower Essenses, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach of England, who used them to manage stressful conditions and situations of Everyday Life. These remedies are not only safe, but also helps in making an Individual more Confident, Active and increases Self-Control. These remedies help in Calming and better Handling of Stressful situations and Tensions.

Tension-Free Exam

A True Friend for all Hard-working Students, who prepare well for their exams, but takes performance pressure too seriously. This remedy is useful in reducing Anxiety, Fear and Lack of concentration related with exams or Interviews.

Tension-Free Sleep

A must have remedy for those who find trouble falling Sleep due to undue worry, fears, flushing of thoughts which leads to trouble falling sleep. The person may not feel refreshed next dayand prolonged lack of sleep leads to Insomnia.

Tension-Free Leader

This remedy helps you in boosting your confidence for facing People in social gatherings, meetings, etc. It leads to fluent Public speaking and also makes your Decision-making power stronger to attract Public Support.

Tension-Free Manage

Improves concentration, strength, devotion and helps you in better management, so that you can complete your tasks in time. With the help of this remedy, you may also be able to take out your own quality time from your busy schedule.

  • Natural Homeopathic Herbal Flower Extracts
  • Safe for Diabetes and Hypertension
  • 100% Safe and Quality Products
  • Non Habit forming
  • No Harmful Side Effects

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