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New age technical advancements in the field of Homeopathy are making it Fast acting, highly Effective, harmless and are making this system of healing more and more suitable to modern sophisticated lifestyle. Today, Homeopathy is second largest used system of medicine in the world. It not only helps in treating physical diseases but it is also helpful in dealing with disorders of the mind. Bach Flower essences are advanced Homeopathic remedies which can be used to deal with day to day Stressful conditions, like worries, anxieties, restlessness, sadness, anger, panic situations, etc.

Dr. Nitin Gupta M.D.(Hom.)

Homeopathic & bach flower remedies expert

choose Safe be wise

Tension-free is better alternative than conventional Medications

Conventional Medications contains synthetic chemicals, which produce long term effects on the body. they are very difficult to wash-off from the system, if discontinued. 

Homeopathic and Bach Flower essences are derived from Flowers Extracts which are very mild, Natural and Non- Habit forming. they are safe and produces No harmful side effects. They are Highly potentised and diluted and are used all over the world.

User reviews

Exam time used to be a nightmare for me, as I used to get tensed and panicky even after my best preparations. My performance used to drop down as expected. Thanks to tension-free Exams, as it helped me controlling my fears and panic condition well.
priyanka bhardwaj
BSc II yr
many-many thanks tension free leader as i can now face public with confidence without any fear.
software engineer